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Hire a Treadmill And Get Fit At Home.

Short Term Treadmill Rentals Let You Get Fit Working Around Your Other Commitments. We Deliver and Install For Free. Put Your Health First, Call Today For Next Day Delivery. Folding Decks Take up Less Space When Not In Use. In Build Programs with Incline Keeps Workouts Fresh.

Rent a Treadmill  in Adelaide


From $100.00 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month
From $114.00 (on a 3 mth minimum) per month
From $122.00 (on a 12 mth minimum) per month

Hire a Colorado 175

Colorado 175 Treadmill

From $69.00 (on a 12 mth minimum) per month
From $85.00 (on a 6 mth minimum) per month
From $95.00 (on a 3 mth minimum) per month
Hire a Treadmill And Get Fit At Home.

One piece of classic fitness equipment is the treadmill. And it`s a classic because it offers a great, simple workout. Increase the speed and incline at will and walk or jog your way to good shape. At Perth Rentals Hire we have treadmills for hire. Give us a call and we can arrange next day delivery of a new treadmill for hire.

Our different models of treadmills offer different features. You might be more interested in getting as much feedback information during your exercise as possible. In that case, look for a treadmill that gives feedback, not just on speed, distance and time, but also has a heart rate monitor. Pre-programmed fitness programs can be fun too, and keep you challenged. These pre-set programs increase and decrease the incline of the running pad and the speed of the belt according to a pattern designed to give you a good workout. Many of our treadmills are also easily transportable with wheels on the back or front.

Some people find walking and running to be hard on their knees, but that does not mean they can`t use fitness equipment. A great low-impact alternative to a treadmill is an elliptical cross-trainer. We rent out several models of cross-trainers, as well as other fitness equipment like exercise bikes and rowing machines. Please explore our website to find out more or give us a call. Treadmills qualify for our Rent Enjoy Own offer.