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Strength Training

Home Weight Machine Hire Perth

Pump Iron At Home. Better Fun Than Cardio, a Home Weight Machine is a Great Way to Get Those Strenth Gains You Have Been Dreaming of Without The Hassle Of Joining a Gym.

Bodyworx Body Weight Home Gym

From $105.00 (on a 6 mth minimum) per month


From $166.00 (on a 6 mth minimum) per month
From $153.00 (on a 12 mth minimum) per month
From $165.75 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month
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When it comes to exercise, aerobic activity is traditionally recommended for heart health, while resistance training is prescribed for muscle gain. Many understand the importance of an exercise routine that combines both aerobic and resistance circuits, but new research shows that resistance exercise is great cardio too. and if you want to look awesome, be fit and strong there is nothing better.