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Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum

From $116.00 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month

Dyson V10 Handstick Vacuum

From $66.00 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month

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Dyson Big Ball Bagless Vacuum

From $50.00 (on a 6 mth minimum) per month
From $84.00 (short term plus delivery) per month

Hire Dyson Big Ball Origin Barrel Vacuum

Dyson Big Ball Absolute Bagless Vacuum

From $85.00 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month


From $168.00 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month

Corded vacuum cleaners can be bulky and heavy. 
So they take up lots of storage space. They can be hard to manoeuvre and difficult to lift. And power cords get in the way and tether you to the plug. The Dyson Cyclone stick vacuum frees your cleaning. Full-size suction power, with none of the hassle.

If you want a floor cleaning solution that takes the ‘work' out of ‘housework', a robot vacuum is what you need. We offer a collection of efficient robot cleaners that will quietly get the job done while you tackle other tasks – or while you simply kick back and relax!
For the more traditional we stock Dyson handheld, stick vacuums and if you need more time than a battery can provide we have barrel vacuums as well.