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Air Multiplier™ Technology


From $63.00 (on a 12 mth minimum) per month
From $53.00 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month


From $45.00 (on a 3 mth minimum) per fortnight
From $75.00 (short term plus delivery) per fortnight


From $65.00 (on a 3 mth minimum) per fortnight
From $75.00 (short term plus delivery) per fortnight

How can you get work done when it is too hot? How can you sleep in a room when the temperature keeps rising? Fortunately, we offer portable air conditioners are for hire in Perth!

When dealing with a heat wave, it is good to be prepared. When the temperatures become unbearable, give us a call. We have a range of portable air conditioner rentals for those in Perth, WA. These are great if you need to cool a room. Features of our units include variable fan speeds, timers, remote controls and easy to clean air filters. When you are sweating you are not comfortable. Don’t put up with this. Hire an air conditioner in Perth.

Air conditioners are great to have around during your workout. This will increase your endurance and make your exercise time more enjoyable. When it is too hot to exercise outdoors, make indoors cool so you can continue to get in shape. A hired air conditioner makes a great addition to a home gym, and don’t forget you can hire other gym equipment from us too.

We have several machines to choose from all with a range of features. It is very important to select the best model for your needs. If you really want to cool down, consider the Teco 40 Air Conditioner or the Kelvinator. If you have a smaller room and want the option of cooling and heating, hire a Hotpoint Air Con.  

Rentals R Us offers superior customer service. Call us today to discuss hiring your portable air conditioner. In most cases a five minute call can arrange an air conditioner for hire in Perth the next day.