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Short Term Indoor Gas Heater Hire

Hiring a Gas Heater Over the Winter Months is a Great Way To Keep Warm Without  Cluttering Up The House The Other Ten Months Of the Year.


Heats in winter, cools & circulates in summer. Effective a


From $85.58 (on a 36 mth minimum) per month

Hire 25mj Gas Heater

25mj Gas Heater

From $50.00 (on a 3 mth minimum) per month
From $80.00 (short term plus delivery) per month

18mj or 21mj Gas Heater

From $46.00 (on a 6 mth minimum) per month
From $77.00 (short term plus delivery) per month
Short Term Indoor Gas Heater Hire>

Besides offering a range of heaters at competitive prices, we also offer a range of contract options so you can get the best deal to suit your situation. We offer both short and longer term contracts, so you can hire equipment from us just as long as you need to. For instance, you may just want to have a gas heater hire over the colder months and not have to pay or store your gas heater during warmer months. Hiring from us is a great solution to this problem.

We also offer a number of payment options, including different methods of payment, when you decide to get a gas heater rental. You can also choose to pay for the entire rental agreement up front (as some of our business clients do for the tax benefits), or arrange to have a direct debit withdrawal to fit with your payday. Our aim is to be flexible and provide the best and simplest hiring experience for our customers, so don’t hesitate to give us a call and find out what we can arrange for you.

If your home or business is too cold, don’t suffer through, and don’t waste your money buying a heating unit outright. Instead, call us at Rentals R Us and get a gas heater hire for here in Perth, WA. We offer great prices, flexible contract options, and superior service. This great service includes delivering your hired goods within 24 hours of arranging a contract with us, and sometimes even delivering on the same day if needed. We’ll even remove any equipment you need to get rid of when we deliver if you like, and we will fix or repair our hired equipment under most circumstances.