Simpson 7kg Front Loader Washer

Simpson 7kg Front Loader Washer

Simpson 7kg Front Loader Washer

Simpson SWF10761 Model Front Loader Washing Machine, 7 kg


This front loading washing machine from Simpson, model SWF10761, has a 7 kg capacity – big enough for most households’ needs. Some of the key benefits of this machine are its water efficiency and useful wash programs. This particular Simpson’s washer has a 4 WELS star rating for water efficiency, so you can rest assured you are not using more water than necessary with this machine. As for the wash programs, there are 11. These include multiple programs for cottons, synthetics, delicates, and hand wash. There is also a pre wash option, which is useful for dealing with particularly soiled clothing without using an excess of water. The dispenser in this washing machine is a 3 chamber detergent dispenser for detergent, fabric conditioner, and bleach.


The outside colour is white and the washbowl is stainless steel. The dimensions of this washer are 850 mm, 600 mm, and 540 mm (for height, width, and depth, respectively).




Brand: Simpson


Model: SWF10761




Colour: White


Size: 850 mm height, 600 mm width, 540 mm depth


Capacity: 7 kg


Energy and Water Usage


Energy Star Rating: 3.5


Energy Use (average, per year): 320 kWh using warm water


Water Efficiency Star Rating: 4


Water Consumption: 72 litres

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