Rent to Own

Rent to Own with Perth Rental Hire

At Perth Rental Hire, we offer you the option of renting in order to own. This operates on a minimum one year term. Should you purchase your equipment within the first 6 months of renting it, we will give you a full 100% rent rebate towards your purchase.

Another option is that after a year you can return the rented equipment, upgrade it, or even buy it. We provide flexible options for your convenience.

And when the Contract Period ends?

After one year, you can choose to return the hired equipment, upgrade it for a newer model, or buy it. The choice is yours. The value of the hired equipment depreciates on a monthly basis according to our internal depreciation scale, with an on-hire value at 36 months of zero.  

This means if you have not purchased your equipment by 36 months we will cease rental payments and simply give the equipment to you.

Hire Brand New Products

Perth Rental Hire offers incredibly low rental rates on all brand new products. These contracts have a minimum term ranging from 12 to 24 months. After the minimum term has expired, you are free at any time to return the equipment or replace it with an upgrade. 

Prompt and Reliable Breakdown Service

Perth Rental Hire offers a reliable breakdown service, should any hired equipment prove to be problematic. If any item needs to be repaired or replaced, we will collect it and replace it within 48 hours at most (Mon – Sat).

We understand that a fridge or feezer breakdown is particularly problematic, which is why we offer an immediate service on these items.

40 Month Extended Warranty

Perth Rental Hire offers an incredible 4 Month Extended Warranty on all items - after the 36 month full price period. What this means is that should you choose to hire equipment for 36 months, after that period your rental payments are adjusted to $1 a year, which is only payable upon return of the items, and our warranty extends for another 4 months.

That's a 40 month warranty in total!

Rent to Own and get Free Delivery tomorrow

Upon contacting Perth Rental Hire, once we have arranged your Rent to Own items, we will deliver the equipment as promptly as the very next day!

** Brand new mobility scooters are not currently available on a rent to own basis.

Arrange your rentals today

One of the best advantages of hiring from Perth Rentals Hire; if any of our equipment breaks down we come out and fix it or replace it.

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