Hire microwaves from Perth Rentals Hire. Kitchen Appliance rentals.


Panasonic NN-ST656W Microwave OvenOur Panasonic brand NN-ST656W model microwave oven...

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Hire microwaves from Perth Rentals Hire. Kitchen Appliance rentals.

One of the smaller, yet handy, home kitchen appliances we have for hire is our microwaves. Easy to operate and fast, no modern kitchen is complete without a microwave. And if you want to make your employees happy, rent a microwave so that they can heat up lunches in the break room and save their hard earned money. For home and office, hiring a microwave makes sense.

Microwaves can cook all sorts of meals, especially with the programmed auto functions such as defrosting or popcorn settings. You can save time on simple tasks too like heating a mug of water to make tea. Either way, it is amazing how useful and convenient hiring a compact microwave can be.

If you need more than just a microwave to Rent Enjoy Own for your kitchen, consider other hiring options from Perth Rentals Hire. We have fridges and freezers of all sorts of sizes and configurations, as well as dishwashers. Perth Rentals Hire has numerous white goods for hire. We have all the home appliances you need to have a fully functioning home, or superior office space.