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Hire a fridge from Perth Rentals Hire. Refrigerators, bar fridge, all sizes. Low rental rates and a rent-to-own program. When you hire from us, you get free delivery and setup. Call now at 9379 7345.

Black French Door 512L Fridge

Black goes with anything right? It’s a wonder they haven’t been making...

From $25.00 (on a 12 mth min)
per week

Samsung 318l Stainless Steel Fridge

The perfect companion for stylish small families. Samsung has done it again. Premium...

From $17.50 (on a 12 mth min)
per week

Hisense 526L White Refrigerator

This Hisense 526l unit does what it says on the box, it refrigerates, and it does it...

From $19.50 (on a 12 mth min)
per week

Sharp 584L BLACK Fridge

H-175cm W-80cm D-72cm Family size fridge with the best looking finish I have seen in...

From $33.50 (on a 12 mth min)
per week

Hisense Stainless Steel 436L

Jazz up the kitchen with this stainless steel, frost free fridge with twist ice maker,...

From $19.00 (on a 12 mth min)
per week

Hisense Stainless Steel 526l

Smooth stainless finish. This family fridge looks great and has plenty of storage. Glass...

From $21.00 (on a 24 mth min)
per week

Hisense 342L Refrigerator

340l fridge. Ice maker in freezer, glass shelves, smart looking and compact size make it...

From $13.00 (on a 12 mth min)
per week

Kelvinator 520L Fridge

Kelvinator KTM5200WBR Model Refrigerator, 520 LOur Kelvinator brand 520 L fridge, model...

From $16.50 (on a 6 mth min)
per week

Kelvinator 390L Fridge

 Kelvinator KTM3900WBR Model Refrigerator, 390 L Our Kelvinator brand 390 L...

From $86.00 (short term plus delivery)
per month
Hire a Fridge from Perth Rentals Hire.

Tiny bar fridges, fridge and freezer units, and large fridge only refrigerators: we have them all and more for hire at Perth Rentals Hire. Whether you need something temporary to handle the food for a party, want a mini-fridge to complete a guest room or lounge, or need a large capacity fridge, we have a great selection for you to choose from at great prices.

Each of our fridges has a unique set of features, so please take a look at the individual product pages to see which best meets your needs. Beyond differing sizes and capacities, some of our fridges have freezer compartments, and a variety of organizing features. Many come with a crisper or two, and lots have other specialized organizing bins and trays for eggs, dairy, deli meats, ice, and bottles, to name a few.

Our fridges are also generally energy efficient, but vary due to size and make on their Energy Star rating and average energy use per year, so take a look at those statistics for each unit.

If you are looking for an extra special deal, please also take a look at our older model fridges that we have for sale. These fridges have been checked out by a technician and come with a warranty.