Rowing Machines

Rowing Machines for hire in Perth


The Healthstream HS2.0RW rowing machine is a fan and magnetic resistance type rower with...

From $89.00 (on a 3 mth min)
per month

Bodyworx KR100 Magnetic Rower

BodyWorx Magnetic Rower, KR100Rowing is a great all round workout. This BodyWorx magnetic...

From $66.00 (on a 3 mth min)
per month

Bodyworx KRX750 Rowing Machine

BodyWorx KRX750 Rowing MachineThis BodyWorx rower is a water-based rowing machine. The...

From $119.00 (on a 3 mth min)
per month

Healthstream Rower HS1.0RW

Healthstream Rowing Machine HS1.0RWThe Healthstream HS1.0RW model rowing machine is a...

From $79.00 (on a 3 mth min)
per month
Rowing Machines for hire in Perth

Ah, crew: sculling, catching a crab, coxswains, starboard, port and all the rest of that rowing jargon. You can use the lingo if you like when you jump on one of our rowing machines for hire, but it`s purely optional. A great workout is guaranteed though. Using a rowing machine is a fantastic full-body workout, using all your major muscles. Crank up the resistance and feel the burn, or pick up the strokes-per-minute and get huffing and puffing.

At Rentals-R-Us we have a great selection of rowers for hire, including exercise machines that convert between being a recumbent bike, and a rower and rowing machines with a water flywheel. Check out the specs on each model to figure out which is best for your needs: we have rowers that offer different resistances and programs and options, so be sure to read all the details.

We always offer competitive pricing and flexible payment options on our fitness equipment for hire. We also provide next working day delivery and various contract term lengths. You can also take advantage of our Rent`n Buy Anytime option to find the best rowing machine for your needs. Just rent a rower from us, and if you love it buy it from us at a discount. If you are not quite satisfied with the model you are renting, switch it out for a different one to hire, and repeat until you find the one to buy.