HS6250R - Recumbent Bike

HS6250R - Recumbent Bike

HS6250R - Recumbent Bike

Bodyworx 2-in-1 Recumbent Bicycle and Rowing Machine

Our Bodyworx brand recumbent bike and rowing machine combo is a great piece of exercise equipment. Save space and get two different work outs by renting this great 2-in1 machine. This machine can also be folded up when not in use to save even more space. There are built in wheels for easy transport.

When using the machine as a rower, use the pivoting foot petals which have Velcro straps. When using it as a bike, use the wide non-slip foot pedals which also have adjustable straps. In both functions, use the comfortable moulded seat with added lumbar support. The seat support and slide is a strong aluminum rail for a smooth ride.

The bike and rowing machine has multiple programs for you to choose from, including: 6 pre-set programs, 3 programs set to maintain specific heart rates, a body fat burning program, a speed independent Watt control program, user program, and manual mode program.

Included is a power pack adaptor.

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