SIMPSON 5.5kg Top Loader SWT554

SIMPSON 5.5kg Top Loader SWT554

SIMPSON 5.5kg Top Loader SWT554

Simpson SWT554 Model Top Loader Washing Machine, 5.5 kg

This top loading washing machine from the Simpson brand has a 5.5 kg capacity. The model number is SWT554. This unit has an easy to control EZI Set Interface. This control panel is specially designed to be easily understood with simple icons and a clear order. Operating this washing machine is then very simple and easy to do. The machine also provides a time remaining display so that you know exactly how long until your load of laundry is finished washing.

This unit has dimensions of 1025 mm, 575 mm, and 625 mm, for height, width, and depth, respectively. When choosing a location to install the washer though, be sure to allow room for the lid to be opened and for the hoses at the back. When the lid is open, the total height becomes 1361 mm, and the total depth of the machine plus the hoses is 640 mm.


Brand: Simpson

Model: SWT554


Colour: White

Size: 1025 mm height, 575 mm width, 625 mm depth

Capacity: 5.5 kg

Energy and Water Usage

Energy Star Rating: 2

Energy Use (average, per year): 74 kWh using cold water, 461 kWh using warm water

Water Efficiency Star Rating: 3

Water Consumption: 80 litres

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